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Will you print for everyone in the photo?

Yes! For every single print, all night long, I ensure there are enough photos for everyone, no exceptions. There is always one ready for the book should guests want to include that photo. I encourage each guest to make their own page in a classic photo book. I am always excessively generous with the reprints at every event. It’s how I generate word of mouth business and positive reviews.

Can I personalize my two layouts with text?

Yes, and this is all included. Fonts, logos or whatever you can imagine. Some favorite fonts are a classic script, gothic and chalkboard fonts.

How far will you travel and what is the rate?

I will travel anywhere! There is no travel charge if you are within an hour of estimated drive time (by Google). I am located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and this is a small company with little overhead and no trucks! I will work with you to set a reasonable travel fee, normally $50.

What kind of photo props do you have?

I bring superhero masks, Viking hats, big glasses, small glasses, and lots of stick props. I also have hand held props like a fake lobster and crab, a genie lamp, rice hats, a big frame and more. I like to keep it clean so there are no wigs, fabric props, or feather boas. No single prop is guaranteed, but you are guaranteed a great selection. You are welcome to bring your own props or request specific props, and I’ll see if I can help!

How many people fit in the booth?

The sturdy bench is 4 feet wide. Three or four people can comfortably sit on the bench, but much more room is available behind the bench and even more down in front. Your attendant will zoom out to fit the whole crew! I have had 15 people in a single shot! The bench can be pulled out in seconds making the booth handicap and wheelchair accessible.

How fast do the photos print?

Printing quality and speed is essential for a successful photo booth. I have the fastest printer on the market at 8 seconds per print, printed on high-quality paper displaying sharp features and vivid contrasts. I use the Mitsubishi CP-D70DW – the best event printer on the market today. Arcade booths simply don’t have printers like this. This is my specialty – a high-quality print in seconds. Request sample prints!

How big is the booth?

The booth is 7 feet tall, 4 feet deep and 7.5 feet across the front. It has a vintage look and can accommodate group shots.

Where can the booth be set up?

The booth can be set up practically anywhere indoors. Outdoors the booth needs to be under cover, on flooring and within 15 feet of an outlet.

Do I get digital copies?

Your digital copies will come on a USB flash drive. Each photo is presented in two different formats; first as a full size, raw image; a large file. Secondly, each image is presented in its layout. For example, if your print has 4 images, you receive that image, plus each of the four images as a raw file. These files are easy to email, enlarge, reprint, and post on social networks.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

It takes about 90 minutes to set the booth up. I always arrive 2 hours before our starting time to be sure everything is running smoothly.

Can I choose color or black and white?

Yes. You select two different layouts. Both layouts can be the same, or one color and one black and white. There is no black ink in our printers! Black and white prints using all colors to create sharp features and vivid contrasts. All layouts look great in both black and white and color, but I personally like the strips in color because they show more detail, and the larger prints in black and white (more flattering for guests).

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